Demystified yoga and meditation fundamentals - benefit from over 20 years of international teaching experience.

Based on six generations of scholarship and training, starting in 1880, when European yoga began.

Developed through personal apprenticeship under the senior most fourth generation Western yogi in England.

Exercise prescription standards applied from training in Nepal under revered Nyingma and Aghori yoga masters.

Clinical Background

American College of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer

Brain Fit Yoga Instructor in Orlando's medical community with Florida Yoga Therapy

Previous guest lecturer for Occupational Therapy students at The University of St. Augustine

Former Advisory Board Member for
MiraCosta College’s Kinesiology Department

Physical Therapy Aide experience, working two years in a
yoga-based clinical setting

Strength training coach developing specific athletic, and yoga, injury prevention foundations

Experienced with wide ranges of fitness – from youth to seniors, pre-hab to rehab, plus professional and tactical athletes

iPhone app creator of Stretching & Flexibility: Learn to Stretch Without Yoga

American Academy of CPR & First Aid – BLS CPR Certified

Licensed and insured

Traditional Training


B.A. in Liberal Arts, emphasizing Asian Philosophy and Humanities

Former Board President of Pacific Buddha; currently guest speaking on meditation in Mills 50

Ten months of training in Asia

Trained in Japan, learning  physical conditioning (体操; taisō) and breath (氣; prāṇa) exercises

Trained in Nepal, learning from a living lineage of Matsyendranath and Gorakshanath

Five years of living and working at yoga & meditation retreat centers in the UK and Spain

International experience organizing retreats and giving group presentations

iPhone app creator of Meditation & Mind Training: Relax & Reduce Stress

Judo 1st degree black belt 

Translator of essential yoga training verses from Tibetan and Pali  


Neal Warren started practicing yoga as a youth, and later pursued it academically by studying Asian cultures and philosophies, before training under the greatest living yoga masters in England and Nepal.

Seniors staying active with confidence and community.

Adults re-charging efficiently for what matters most.

Youth enjoying healthy activities into adulthood.

OLD school tradition

Whether training at athletic facilities, Doctors' offices, or Physical Therapy clinics, people often say they feel like they've worked out, stretched, and relaxed - all at the same time - and want to know what this system is called.

The fountain for this lineage is Boudhanath, Nepal, a town made famous for its central monument often simply called "Boudha", pronounced Boda, which means "Awakening".

This monument is the basis for our logo and name, so folks can tell their friends it was yoga from Boudha that benefited their lives - and we hope Boda Yoga can improve the quality of your life too.

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